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T.I.M. – The Incredible Machine

Release Date: 2014

Year    :   2014
By    :   The Netherlands
Slogan    :   A magical adventure film about friendship and the transiency of things
Genre    :   Science Fiction Adventure
Time    :   82 minutes
Budget    :   €850.000
Age    :   9+

The 11-year-old Tibor has only one friend; his outdated house robot T.I.M. (The Incredible Machine), who has been with him since he was young and shares memories of Tibor's late mother. But T.I.M. is breaking down and can only be repaired by his creator, the elusive Hector Sammler. With only a crumpled photo of a lighthouse to guide them, Tibor and T.I.M. visit the robot's previous owners to gather clues to Hector's whereabouts. Along the way, they encounter Kiki, a young girl who gives Tibor the confidence he needs to continue on his quest and save his lifelong friend. Exploring themes of self-sacrifice, friendship and hope, this touching film will remind audiences of the true meaning of friendship.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5





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